We will be hosting the 3rd Annual MR2 Imaging Ironman on October 13, 2018 at Choice Inline starting at 4pm.
The past 2 years have been nothing but success with close games & some shootouts along the way. 3 out of the last 4 Championship games have made their way into sudden death OT!


$500 CASH PRIZE (2 Divisions if 10+ Teams)


This year we are teaming up with TCS Hockey to offer more to our winners. Each winner will receive a $25 TCS Tournament credit to their team fee at the Garden State Cup at Choice Inline, December 28-30th.

Ex: If each player owes $60 for the tournament, you use your credit and owe $35.
(There can be one or multiple Ironman winners using their credit on the same team. *Ironman winners do not need to be on the same TCS team)
Contact Michael Rosmini for more information.


Skill Level AA & A**

**We are looking for teams that play Men’s league in the local area and we will not be allowing any teams to carry top tier or AAA level players. *NO RINGERS* (Rosters will be submitted prior to event and reviewed to ensure an equal level playing field)

•Entry fee for the tournament will be $250 a team. ($50 a player/goalie)

•Teams will consist of 4 players and 1 goalie.

•5 Game Guarantee (4 Round Robin + 1 Playoff)

• Games will be single period 8 minute games. (Running Clock)

•Penalties: Penalty Shot

Quick Rules

  • Face off Drop (only drop of the game*)
  • Puck out of play
    • ref quickly decides whose possession
      • *If un-able to determine (tip at the same time) Quick face off, nearest location to the ‘imaginary line rule’*
    • Penalties are penalty shots
      • Defending team gets puck behind net regardless of goal or save
      • Clock DOES stop. Starts running immediately after save or goal
    • 5 Goal Mercy Rule
    • 10 min. time slot
      • 8 min game
      • 1 min. warm up
      • Lets keep this rolling..



Overtime Rules:

  • Round Robin: Sudden Death Shootout
    • 2 pts W / 1pt L
    • Away team on schedule shoots first automatically


  • Playoffs: 3 Man Shootout
    • All 4 guys must shoot before you repeat lineup
      • Higher seed chooses shoot 1st or 2nd


  • FINALS: 3 Minute Overtime; 3 Man Shootout


For More Information or Registration Contact:

Michael Rosmini @ 856.723.6263

Ryan Carr @ 856.581.5556